Sunday, October 23, 2011

counter)induction plays well with others

MULTIPLE MODERNISMS is the opening show in a year of fierce and fabulous collaborations. We're really excited to have Matthew Levy of the Prism Saxophone Quartet suiting up with us for the gig. These collabs give us the opportunity to work with people we admire and respect (Matt, then Magnus Lindberg 1/23/12, Paula Robison 3/4/12!) and stretch out into new repertoire. Both Steve Beck (piano) and Matt Levy (sax) are performing Milton Babbitt's "Whirled Series" for the first time. This is what Steve says:

"Rehearsing Whirled Series with Matt- what a great pleasure! Although we live in two different cities, we've managed to carve out a good amount of time for it. I'm pleased to report that it's not as hard to put together as some of the other Babbitt duos I've played (I remember Sextets being particularly vexing). Or maybe it's just that I'm getting experienced at all the ins and outs."

I hope you'll join us on 10/30 for this hot show!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's what c)i clarinetist BENJAMIN FINGLAND has to say about the Webern quartet Op. 22, which we're preparing for our Oct. 30 show:
Just finished our first Webern rehearsal - what a piece! A perfect example of 'less is more'. My individual part is almost sight-readable, and extremely minimal. But when put in context with the others, one realizes how much rhythmic, textural, and coloristic detail is compressed into every note. Grace notes abound, many within an intensely hocketed, syncopated framework - covering very large intervalic jumps, which at the breakneck speed of the second movement are extremely challenging to coordinate between parts. The real magic happens with the convergence of all the individual details, and the character of the piece (in my opinion, both impish and suave) shines through. Klangfarbenmelodie at its best! It's a real pleasure playing with Matthew; the sax is by far the coolest addition to our forces to date!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

upcoming show with the rockin' MATTHEW LEVY!

counter)induction is super-revved for our upcoming concert MULTIPLE MODERNISMS. On October 30 we'll be playing Boulez, Bartlett and Davidovsky, PLUS we'll be joined by the renowned saxophonist Matthew Levy (of the Prism Saxophone Quartet) for Webern's Quartet Op. 22, and the fiendishly complex Whirled Series by Milton Babbitt. He'll also play Scelsi's solo Tre Pezzi.

Matthew sends along this message...

"I've been a huge fan of c)i for many years. The group plays with breathtaking sensitivity and virtuosity, and their programs are brilliantly conceived. I was deeply honored to be invited to join them. Plus, I dig me some modernism."

Ah, Matt, you know how to talk to the ladies!

MULTIPLE MODERNISMS is the first concert in a year celebrating the art of collaboration. First Matthew Levy, then Magnus Lindberg, then Paula Robison, and then... YOU, as you help us celebrate the release of our first cd later this spring. See you soon!